Basketball Shoe
Fun epic basketball game basketball shoot shoe shaped inflatable moonwalk
He looks to his left and sees the countdown. Only four seconds remaining! All sound fades away and his eyes focus
on the goal before him. He lifts his arms, holds the basketball tightly with his fingers, flicks his wrists and releases
the ball. The basketball sails through the air and passes through the net with a satisfactory 'swoosh'!! Then it  lands in
the blue vinyl below and rolls back to the confident 36 year old man's waist as he turns to his youngest son and
proudly yells, "HA!"

This interactive inflatable is fun for ALL ages. It's one big inflatable basketball shoe, ready for some b-ball action. Rent
it for birthday parties, school events, church events or neighborhood gatherings. ANYTHING will do! Who doesn't like
a good game of b-ball? Shoot side-by-side with a good buddy and see if you can score the most baskets. Because of
its size, this basketball shoot can be set up almost anywhere! A gym, church building, or any place with a 9' ceiling! It's
easy to setup, easy to take down. We are sure that your event will be lots of fun by renting this basket ball shoot out
inflatable! Call today and ask about our weekend specials.

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