Conditions of our Units
When you reserve a jumpy castle from an inflatable company, how do you know if the
unit is in good condition?   Many companies keep their inflatables for over 5 or 6
years.  If the unit is kept in extremely good condition, never stored wet, the inflatable
might be alright to rent.

When the inflatable is stored wet or even damp, it will quickly begin to mold and
mildew.  You can see black stains all over the jumper once it gets molded even if
cleaned.  We never allow our bounce houses to mold.  None of our units have ever
gotten mold and if they were to, they would be sold and replaced.

Many companies find it difficult to keep the units clean, mold free, and just generally
not smelly due to their storage practices.  The units must be stored clean AND dry or
they will quickly begin to stink and mold.

We have a 5,000 square foot facility that is climate controlled and all units are
completely cleaned and sanitized after EVERY rental.  They are always stored dried
and clean.  

At Affordable Moonwalk Rentals, Inc., we rotate our inventory constantly for two
reasons.  One, we have many customers that have used us for years and we want to
keep new items in stock for the customers who have used us before.  Secondly, we
can insure to our customers that all of our units look and smell like new......because
they are new.  None of our units are more than two years old.

Safety and cleanliness are our number one priority at Affordable Moonwalk.
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