The Gladiator Joust is one of our most popular items. It's great for all parties for kids or adults;
everyone loves the joust inflatable interactive! When inflated, there are two holes in the middle
of the arena where the two pedestals fit. When the pedestals are in place, the first two
contenders go at it! Fight until you opponent falls or set up a tournament! Whatever you do, our
inflatable joust interactive is sure to keep the fun coming for hours! And despite its size, set up
is a breeze. The inflatable Gladiator Joust takes just one person to set up. And breaking it down
takes only two people. The inflatable joust can easily fit in a gym or any other large room. It's also
great for backyards! And I know the words 'gladiator joust' don't really, but believe
me, our inflatable joust interactive really is. The arena is made of soft vinyl, so if you fall, you
bounce right back up. And our jousting rods are made of hi density foam; and along with the
pedestals and rods, we give you two helmets for extra protection.

The inflatable joust interactive is great for all parties and to have it at your next party, call us
today! Located in Covington, Georgia, you can come pick up the inflatable Gladiator Joust
Joust Inflatable
joust, inflatable, interactive, gladiator, covington, georgia, 30014
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11045 Bobby Williams Pkwy
Covington, GA 30014
  • $235
  • Width: 20'
  • Length: 30'
  • Height: 3'
  • Weight: 340 lbs