$15 (Gallon) including 100 cups
Gallon flavors: Blue Raspberry &

(Quart) including 25 cups
Quart flavors: Blue Raspberry,
Cherry & Grape
Our blue SnoKone machine also keeps the shaved ice coming.
Only $55 a day for the machine, $6 for a quart of syrup (app. 25
servings) and $15 for a gallon of syrup.

Make your own snow cones.  This heavy duty machine will
produce lots of snow cones with little effort.  You can make
about 4 - 5 snow cones a minute.  Choose from several
flavors.  You can get it with quart bottles or gallon jugs (with
easy pump dispenser).
Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Flavors:

Blue Raspberry (Gallon &

Cherry (Gallon & Quarts)
Snow Cone Machine
Pick-up for the Weekend        Pick up a concession from our warehouse and keep it for the weekend
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