Questions & Answers
on Laser Tag
How does the pricing work?
Blasters are $240 for a 24 hour rental. You pick up the blasters from our warehouse and keep them for 24 hours.

What about the maze?
The inflatable maze is priced separately. You do not need it to use the laser tag system but it does greatly increase the experience.
The 45' x 60' maze can be reconfigured on site. You can use it one way for a while, and in a couple of minutes, you can change the
maze around for a different look and feel for the duration of the rental.  There are over 36 configurations that can be made with this 5
piece maze. The price for the 5 piece maze is $135, and $270 for 10 piece maze. If you rent the blasters with the maze, you get $25 off
1 maze and $70 off 2 mazes

How does the system work?
Each blaster is a self-contained unit, meaning, there are no cumbersome vests to wear, no head piece with cable dangling to worry
about you kids getting caught on something. The blasters require both hands to fire, there are no moving parts, the trigger is touch
sensitive and can be operated by someone as young as six years old. The sensors are resident on each blaster that allow opponents
to tag you.  

The game starts by all blasters together with the "referee".  The referee pushes the start button on the starter module, the blasters all
reset, you hear "Go!" and everyone has 6 seconds to find a hiding spot.  After 6 seconds, you hear "Go! Go! Go!", game on.  When
you are tagged, you will hear "You are hit."  When you tag someone in the barrel, you will hear "Good shot!" (100 pts).  After 3
minutes, each blaster will sound "Game Over!".  A quick replacement of the pins, remove, hit the starter box button and you are ready
for another game.

How does scoring work?
When you are tagged, you lose 20 points (and your blaster becomes inoperative for 6 seconds), when you tag someone else, you
score 40 points, unless you tag them straight on in the barrel, that is 100 points.

Everyone begins with 5000 points.  At the end of the game, you will hear "Game Over!".  Scores can then be viewed on each blaster
by pulling the trigger.  If you are playing teams (3 red, 3 blue) simply add the scores by color.  If you are playing ever kid for
themselves, highest score wins.

Go to to see a video on how to set up a game of Laser Tag.
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