Repair Photos
Inflatable Bounce House Repairs - Repair My Moonwalk
Repair Photos
We are a full time repair facility in Covington, Ga.  We repair water slides, moonwalks, seams on interactives and bounce houses.  We can completely
replace a slide blanket and ladder climb.  If you have a seam that is loose, we can tighten it before it becomes a problem.  If you have a giant hole in your
inflatable, we can repair or replace a panel if necessary.  We have been in the inflatable business for over a decade and repair Ninja Jumps, we repair
Space Walk jumpers and Magic Jump bouncers.  We are located near Atlanta, Georgia and have customer from Alabama for repairs, we repair
Tennessee customer's inflatables. If you need more information about our inflatable repair facility, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.
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(888) 503-3802
11045 Bob Williams Parkway
Covington, GA 30014